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The Business Case for Contract Staff Management

The business community is evolving.  The challenge of meeting customers’ expectations is enormous.  The need to reduce cost of doing business and provide high quality service to your client is high and challenging.
Contract Staff functions are managed internally for better control. However, with the shortage of competent labour and the human resistance to change fast becoming a real problem encountered by many businesses today, companies may want to consider outsourcing their non-strategic functions, while directing more resources to the core functions of the business.
Learning Organisation is submitting this proposal to enable us tender for the services of contract labour for your organisation.

Our Objectives

Well manage non-core staff that add value and create a positive image for your organization.

Ensuring optimum workforce utilisation that is appropriate for the workload at all times and increases per capita.

Maintain the use of Performance Management System to maximize workplace productivity.

Maintain employees’ discipline while ensuring workplace harmony by improving employee relation.

Provide efficient payroll administration to ensure on – time payment of salaries and benefits.

Our Model


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